Monday, March 12, 2007

Turd-Blossom under bus; Bush still at large

WASHINGTON, D.C. (McClatchey/KR)--The White House admitted on Sunday that presidential buttlick Karl Rove was the guy who told the Justice Department which federal prosecutors should be fired for refusing to help the Bush Crime Family intimidate their political enemies.

House investigators on Sunday declared their intention to hold Rove's fat little feet to the fire and see if they can make him squeal like the pig he is.

White House spokeswhore Dana Perino said Rove had relayed complaints from Republican operatives and other Bush Family goons to the Justice Department and the White House counsel's office. She said Rove, the chief White House ratfucker, specifically recalled passing along complaints about former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias and may have directly mentioned Iglesias to Alberto Gonzales, the soon-to-be ex-Attorney General.

Iglesias lost his job as the top federal prosecutor in New Mexico after rebuffing Republican pressure to time his investigation of a Democratic state official to influence the election.

Perino said Rove might have mentioned the complaints about Iglesias "in passing" to Gonzales, perhaps while they were playing "Which One's Gannon?" in the hot tub.

"He doesn't exactly recall, but he may have had a casual conversation with the A.G. to say he had passed those complaints to Harriet Miers, who typed them," Perino said, relaying Rove's Libbyesque recollection of events.

Perino said such a conversation would be fairly routine at the White House, where they undermine more democracy before 6 A.M. than most people do all day.

"Lots of people at the White House gets lots of complaints about lots of different people on a multitude of subjects," she said. "The procedure is to listen and take the appropriate action, then start the cover-up."

The new details about Rove's involvement emerged as the top Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee declared their interest in talking to him about his career as a greasy little fixer for the famous criminal scumbag and fascist, George W. Bush.

The committee is trying to determine whether the firings were part of a criminal conspiracy to exert political control over federal prosecutors or just the random vicious acts of a government gone horribly wrong. Democrats consider Rove the key source for any political interference at the Justice Department, because interfering with justice is part of his job description.

The White House's mendacious and incoherent explication of Rove's role is the latest attempt to explain the firings in the complete and total absence of allegations of misconduct. After initially citing "performance-related" reasons, the Justice Department later acknowledged that was bullshit and said it was really about "policy differences," including the Bush Family policy that Republicans should never be prosecuted for anything. Rove's statement Sunday indicates a bigger White House role than was previously known, but at this point the only people even pretending to be surprised are on the Fox News Channel, pretending it didn't happen at all.

In another development, two leading Democrats said Gonzales should resign. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) said Gonzales has lost what little credibility anyone ever pretended he had with his idiotic handling of the firings, the illegal and unconstitutional behavior of federal investigators operating under the Patriot Act, and other controversies at the Justice Department. Plus, he's such a dopey little bastard you just want to smack him.

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