Sunday, December 24, 2006

Who Would Jesus Be?

Jesus was the king of some old stateless desert nation
Came to work in sandals like an adolescent bum
Jesus has been used to do some mass annihilation
Jesus sells the president to people who are dumb

Jesus organized his time to organize your crime
Anyway, he meant well and he put on a good show
Jesus chilled with prostitutes and never spent a dime
Jesus cured the lepers like a Swedish HMO

If Jesus was the light
Then Western thought must be the prism
If Jesus lived today
They’d lock him up for terrorism

Jesus rendered unto Caesar things that most folks wouldn’t
Fish and bread is all you need to be a decent host
Jesus spent some time in Hell; no reason why you shouldn’t
Jesus is his father and he’s also his own ghost

Bones and beads and wine and wafers, everyone’s a winner
Confucian admonitions form a new philosophy
Deplore the sin all night but don’t forget to love the sinner
Jesus turned the other cheek, they nailed him to a tree

Jesus promised everyone
That they could go to heaven
If Jesus lived today
He’d have an AK-47

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