Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bush now lying to voters of the future

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (AP)--President Bush said Friday that sectarian murders have dropped by half in Baghdad since he began extending combat tours and sending wounded soldiers back into action, but he was lying. The president also said early signs show the operation to quell violence is meeting expectations, but he didn't say whose.

"There are still horrific attacks in Iraq, such as the bombings in Baghdad on Wednesday, and yesterday and earlier today...well, every day, you could say. In other words, there are still issues. Death is terrible, but the direction of the fight is beginning to shift," Bush said, in his second warped and incoherent rant on terrorism in two days.

Bush spoke at a suburban high school in Michigan to about 500 students and some local VIPs who couldn't believe how lucky they were to have this drunken idiot raving in their gym. Outside, a crowd of Islamofascist dupes of the Democrat party shouted anti-war chants and held signs that said "No blood for oil," "End imperialism now," "Sieg heil Bush" and "Die in a filthy pit, you monarchist fuck."

Bush urged Americans not to be swayed by the violence inflicted by suicide bombers and focus, instead, on American Idol, the Virginia Tech Shootings and the imaginary incremental gains Iraqi and U.S. forces are making in Baghdad. Weapons stockpiles are being seized, extremists are being captured and displaced families are returning home, he said. He did not offer any examples.

"When a family decides to stop depending on militias to protect them or a young man rejects insurgency and joins the Iraqi army, it doesn't usually make the evening news until they get killed," Bush said. "That's what I like to call a liberal bias in the media, see?"

Like most Americans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) says the war in Iraq is "lost" and can only be won through political and economic diplomatic means. He said the surge is not accomplishing anything. Republicans have pounced on Reid for his comments because they're true, and stooped to accusing him of turning his back on the troops and hurting military morale in Iraq.

Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat who chairs the Armed Services Committee, defended Reid on Friday. Levin said he agreed the military fight in Iraq cannot be won and that Bush has his head up his ass if he thinks he can force Iraqi politicians to reach a settlement by refusing to say when his army of occupation will leave their country.

Pushing back against Democrats, Bush whined that not all the troops that he ordered in January in another military buildup have arrived. It's too early to assume defeat, he said, almost four years after assuming victory from the deck of an aircraft carrier off San Diego.

"Ultimately, withdrawal would increase the probability that American troops would have to return to Iraq to protect my oil--and confront an enemy that is even more dangerous," Bush said, possibly referring to the Shi'ite theocracy his invasion unleashed in the country.

In past addresses on the war, Bush has worked to paint a rose-colored picture of progress in Iraq by pretending that it exists. This time, he showed the audience in Michigan a photograph of what was left after four large bombs exploded in mostly Shi'ite areas of Baghdad and killed 230 people at a bus stop. He said it had all the "hallmarks of an al-Qaida attack," without acknowledging that it was financed by his Saudi masters.

"We must also expect the terrorists and insurgents to continue mounting terrible attacks," he said, then paused, as if disoriented from having told the truth in public.

After the speech, Bush made an unscheduled stop at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, where the former president was buried in January. After vomiting in the parking lot, he laid a bouquet of white roses on a stone wall that marks Ford's grave and paused there for a few moments to pay his respects to the man who kept his Daddy's name out of the Warren Commission Report.

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