Saturday, August 26, 2006

Al Qaeda-types terrorize small town in Maine

KENNEBUNKPORT (AP)--President Bush came to his parent's century-old summer home on the Maine coast to fish, drink and hide from the media while he prepares his alibi for the next domestic terror attack. He got all that, along with what would have been a boisterous reminder, had he seen it, of the unpopularity of his criminal, incompetent Iraq policies, nearly on his mama's doorstep.

What local police estimated were about 700 Islamofascist dupes, many of them gay, marched Saturday to within half a mile of the Bush compound before being turned back by the Family's hired goons. Called Walker's Point after one of Grandpa Prescott Bush's unindicted co-conspirators, the stone-and-shingle retreat, paid for with munitions profiteering from both sides of the First World War, is owned by the current president's parents.

The protesters sang, chanted, beat drums, waved signs and even played fiddles to call on Bush to bring troops home, but he was in a soundproof room with rubber sheets and missed it all.

The group was loosely aligned with activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq and who gained international attention when she waited for Bush last summer while he hid from her on his fake ranch in Crawford, Texas.

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll this month found that only about one-third of Americans support Bush's handling of Iraq, and many of them are drunk all the time.

A spokeswoman for Bush said he was completely oblivious to the demonstration that briefly took over the tiny, scenic downtown of Kennebunkport.

"As the president has said, Americans are free to protest anywhere he can't see them," said White House deputy spinster Dana Perino.

Over his four-day Kennebunkport stay, the president has declined the usual photo-op golf game with his evil old dad in favor of taking his mountain bike about a half-hour away to a federally-owned stretch of woods where he can drink. Accompanied by buttboys and suckups recruited from a bike shop and the local office of the RNC, the president indulged in early morning, drunken rides two days in a row, out of view of the cameras.

He has engaged in at least one Bush family tradition, fishing from his father's speedboat, The Pointed Barb. Joining him Thursday and Friday were his cute, blond, alcoholic daughter Jenna and the former president. On Saturday, though, the elder Bush went for a spin on the water without his son, who had the shakes pretty bad.

Bush did not entirely escape presidential duties, though he was surly and resentful whenever they appeared. On Thursday, he met with the families of five soldiers who stayed his course. He has pretended to listen carefully to telephone reports on the crisis in Lebanon and the nuclear standoff with Iran, both of which have excellent growth potential. He is also keeping updated on the progress of Tropical Storm Ernesto, though no one anticipates it turning into a hurricane.

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