Saturday, August 19, 2006

Deciderin' is hard

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Reuters)--Iraq and Lebanon remain fragile democracies, and security in the United States depends on democracy taking hold in the Middle East, President Bush lied on Saturday.

With U.S. public disgust rising over the illegal and disastrous Iraq war and his Middle East strategery challenged by realities he can never hope to understand with his flaccid, gin-soaked brain, Bush conferred this week with buttboys and suckups and misunderstood another update from frustrated U.S. commanders in Iraq.

U.S. officials have said sectarian violence in Iraq could lead to civil war, the same way deficit spending could lead to deficits.

The New York Times this week quoted an unnamed but obviously treasonous lefty Islamofascist military-affairs expert who was accidentally briefed at the White House last month as saying Bush Crime Family hacks secretly acknowledge that they are "considering alternatives other than democracy, such as rampant corporatism" in Iraq. The White House has denied considering anything.

"These young democracies are still fragile, like a fetus, and the forces of terror are seeking to stop liberty's advance into the birth canal of freedom," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

"The way forward will be difficult for those we move forward over, and it will require sacrifice and resolve," he said. "And hundreds of millions of dollars for some friends of mine. But America's security depends for some reason on liberty's advance in this troubled region, and we can be confident of the outcome because we know the unstoppable power of magical thinking."

More than 2,600 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Bush has vowed not to withdraw until he can be sure that doing so will benefit his masters in the international petroleum industry.

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