Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rove: Stupid is as stupid does

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Reuters)-- U.S. voters often tune out policy debates but it's wrong to think of them as stupid, uninformed and gullible unless you also think of them as willfully ignorant, paranoid and religiously insane, top White House ratfucker Karl Rove bragged Saturday in a commencement speech at George Washington University's graduate school of political management.

Rove, who will be thrown out of a small plane unless he is able to help the Bush Crime Family keep control of Congress in November, described Americans as swayed more by flashy graphics and continuous lying than by the nuances of legislative proposals or candidates' position papers.

"There are practitioners of politics who hold that voters are dumb, ill-informed and easily misled, that voters can be manipulated by a clever ad or smart line," Rove said. "They are called winners."

Rove, seen as the mastermind behind President George W. Bush's White House victories in 2000 and 2004, said, "It's impossible to underestimate the intelligence of the American voter."

Rove said overwork, alcoholism and American Idol consume much of voters' time and crowd out campaigns and policy.

"The American people are not policy wonks," he said. "They have great instincts and they try to do the right thing, so you have to convince them that voting against their interests is good for them."

Even as he insulted voters, Rove praised journalists for playing what he said was a "corrosive role" in politics by "focusing on process, not substance, and cheerfully repeating whatever we tell them to say."

While Rove's ratfucking talents are revered by many Republicans, the man Bush jokingly refers to as "Turd Blossom" had a rough spell last year, amid the failure of Bush's dishonest and doomed attempt to turn Social Security over to Wall Street and a probe into Rove's role in blowing the lid off a CIA asset called Brewster-Jennings, which had been gathering intelligence on weapons proliferation in Iran.

His future brightened somewhat last month when Rove was advised by the U.S. special counsel's office that he would probably not be charged in the leak case involving former CIA operative Valerie Plame unless someone flips.

Plame and her husband are still pressing the case through a civil lawsuit filed against Rove and other Bush Family thugs. They no longer fly on small planes.

In a change that the White House said was unrelated to the Plame case, Rove's imaginary role as a key player in the reconstruction of New Orleans was blown off, allowing him to focus his greasy little mind on the midterm elections looming in November.

Since Bush's approval ratings have suffered because of the continuing pointless slaughter in Iraq, the shredding of the Constitution, mounting hard evidence of systemic corruption from the bottom to the top of his administration, secret prisons, torture, illegal surveillance, the sinking of New Orleans, gas prices, outsourcing, corporate welfare and the growing horrible realization that a mentally retarded mama's boy has been allowed to ruin the country, Rove has said he believes Republicans should make fear a top theme this year, as Bush did in his 2004 re-election campaign.

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