Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Exxon CEO: Go Fuck Yourself

From CNN:

Exxon chief executive Rex (T-Rex) Tillerson said Tuesday that the law can't touch him and urged consumers to reduce demand by hitchhiking.

"We just have to ask people to make sure they are using energy wisely," Tillerson told CNN after a meeting with congressmen in Washington. "Be efficient with it, don't waste it. If it takes you three or four hours to walk to work, well, maybe you'll lose some fuckin' weight, lard-ass."

He said Exxon, for its part, was investing $20 billion over the next five years (which is to say, 22.5% of their revenues for 2005) to develop new sources of energy.

"[We're] developing supply from all over the world, including a lot of investment in this country's representatives and some new developments, like doing for Iran what we've done in Iraq. And, you know, all of that is directed at trying to address the tightness in the supply situation and increase it, if possible.

"There's not anything that can be done that is going to change this situation overnight," he said. "It's all about supply and demand fundamentals. Of course, it helps that America's infrastructure has been entirely constructed on a solid foundation of yummy, yummy petroleum."

Tillerson was called to Washington to discuss high gas prices with members of Congress, including House Speaker Dennis (Chins) Hastert (R-Ill), seen here ditching a hydrogen-powered car in favor of his enormous fuckin' SUV.

Tillerson said with a completely straight face that he didn't feel the government was unfairly picking on Exxon.

"We are the largest American oil company. We're very global, you know, we are large, a huge investor around the world in developing new supply and it's, you know, it's only natural that people are gonna want to know what we think about things," he said. "Now come over here and apply a little more suction, Chins."

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